ITP Can Prepare Any Tax Return or Government Form
Any form or return that is required to be completed and submitted to any Federal or State Government authority can be prepared by a suitably trained and professional ITP Consultant.
These returns satisfy all the requirements of the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and Centrelink.
The ATO returns include those required for the PAYG employee, a landlord, executors of deceased estates, corporation executives, the farmer, small businessmen (BAS statements), the self-employed, partners of partnerships, beneficiaries of trusts and directors of companies and all the accounting and bookkeeping of their associated entities.
The Centrelink requirements include forms for the Family Assistance Office, Austudy, Abstudy, Newstart and all personal Pensions.
 ITP Offices Opening Hours
Our business is to offer client service. Our hours of opening must reflect that commitment.
1 July to 31 August - All ITP offices are open during the peak tax period 5 days each week and after hours and Saturdays. Although no appointment is necessary to lessen any waiting time the making of an appointment is recommended.
1 September to 31 October - Same hours except for those offices that are newer or in remote areas that will open with reduced hours.
1 November to 31 December - Most offices will reduce their hours and possibly some days and operate by appointment. Some 30% of offices may close completely until 1 July the next year.
1 January to 30 June - All offices will reduce their hours with an additional 30% offices closing until 1 July.
40% of ITP offices will be open all year to serve our many clients. Area head offices will have access to client files in those offices that have closed.
 ITP's Guarantee
Every aspect of a client's tax return will be held in strict confidence.
Every return will be prepared by an ITP specialist consultant and double checked prior to lodgement.
Every legitimate deduction or rebate will be claimed.
If we make an error that results in additional tax or penalties imposed by the ATO over and above your correct position we will pay that penalty or interest.
Throughout the year, clients can discuss with us all matters relating to their personal taxation affairs without charge.
 ATO Tax Office Requirements
The tax laws can require you to have receipts before certain claims can be made in your return otherwise those claims WILL NOT be allowable.
Receipts are needed for -
Job Expenses - Receipts
Car Expenses - Receipts, Log Book
Travel Expenses - Receipts, Travel Diary
 ITP's Waiting Time Commitment
Doing the finest possible tax work may take a few extra minutes.
Appointment times are set as a guide to when the previous client's return may be completed.
If you have to wait a short time, your patience will be appreciated.
Remember your tax return will receive the same careful attention.
 ITP's Fee Policy
We provide the best possible service for the most reasonable fee. This one time fee gives you:
* On the spot service.
* Personal attention from specialist consultants.
* Complete industry checklists to search for every legal deduction.
* Final checking, recording and lodgement of your return.
* All year advice about your return.
Our fees are fully tax deductible in the year paid.
 ITP's Payment Policy
ITP is committed to providing the highest quality service at the most reasonable cost.
It has always been our policy to request payment of the fee prior to lodgement of the return.
As an alternative, you may choose our popular "Fee From Refund" service - available at an extra charge.
 ITP's Receipt
Please make sure you take it with you. It is your record for tax purposes.
The receipt number should be provided to ITP when making any enquiry.
Your fee is fully tax deductible in the year in which the fee is paid.
 ITP's Training for Excellence in Tax knowledge.
ITP conducts continuous training courses to update their permanent consultants in annual tax law changes.
ITP conducts a rigorous Tax Tuition School from February to June each year to ensure excellence in knowledge of the tax laws of our newer consultants.
ITP authorises different skilled consultants in the preparation of various personal, professional, business, partnership and corporate returns.